Geopolitiks: Broken Glass & Ominous Signs

Ominous signs plague Biden’s Middle East visit*
Ominous signs plague Biden's Middle East visitBreaking glass in Jerusalem: ‘I have one thing to offer you right now & it’s broken glass’*
Riots erupt across Jerusalem as Hamas leader calls for renewed ‘intifada’*
Palestinians have ‘day of rage’ as Israel becomes more isolated*
Biden declares: ‘I also see myself as a Zionist’*
CNN’s lower third: ‘Jewish lobby runs America’*
100s of bunker-busters shipped to Diego Garcia: final destination Iran?*
Analysts: US may be seeking Israel ‘regime change’*
Expect a false flag terror attack to precede invasion of Iran*
Video: Helen Thomas asks how can the US support Israel when it continues to violate Int’l law?*

update: Israeli spy planes over Budapest after mysterious assassination of Syrian national*

oh, and of course there’s this:
‘Hit teams’ attack US consular staff, families in Mexico*

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