geopolitiks: deals, drills & the dark side

police state canada 2010 & the dark side of the olympics*
police state canada 2010 & the dark side of the olympicsworried about president blair of the eu? it may be about to get even worse*
berlusconi backs blair to be president of europe*
blair snubbed after memorial for iraq dead*

i will not sign lisbon treaty, says czech president*
germans seek to oust czech president vaclav klaus over eu treaty*
china detects deadly nerve gas at border with n korea*
gunmen kill 6, take hostages at pakistan’s army headquarters*
how the afghan election was rigged*
india’s biggest war drill with US begins*
russia: we’ll nuke aggressors first*
turkey cancels joint drill over israel’s gaza crimes*
USrael stage massive missile drill*
livni supports pm’s efforts to fix turkish ties*
ahmadinejad has no jewish roots after all*
video: israel forced workers to drink uranium*

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