geopolitiks: dictators, drills & burning bridges

bilderberg van rompuy the new eu president*
bilderberg van rompuy the new eu presidentbilderberger & closed-door meetings: eu gets medieval with ultra-secret elections*
trilateralist replaces bilderberger to chair copenhagen summit*
mep reprimanded for exposing eu dictatorship*
denmark approves new police powers ahead of copenhagen*
video: bomb caused russian derailment*
suspected bomb derails moscow-st petersburg train, kills at least 25*
video: obama threatens iran with new sanctions*
US officials: 2 states for 2 peoples is not an empty slogan*
iran begins air-defense drills to protect nuclear sites*
a strategic alliance: israel, turkey & jordan conduct joint military drills*
video: israel likely to attack iran?*
‘[afghanis] hate the americans from the bottom of their hearts’*
US cool to surge in afghanistan’s own force*
obama allies want new tax to pay for the cost of
protecting afghan opium fields & bribing the taliban
US suspect eyed in chabad house attack in india, might be a cia double agent*
venezuela blows up border bridges with colombia*
colombian military ‘on maximum alert’*
cuba: military exercise braces island for US attack*
would-be mexican president accuses ‘mafia’ of usurping government*
video: webster tarpley on who’s to blame for pak attacks*

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