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saakashvili confesses: we started the war
from russia today: For the first time ever, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has admitted that his country started the military conflict in South Ossetia in August. But the Georgian leader is adamant the action was justified. He was testifying before a parliamentary commission investigating the five-day war.

mossad role in turkey coup plot revealed
mossad role in turkey coup plot revealedfrom presstv: Israel’s national intelligence agency Mossad has been behind a failed coup in Turkey, the Turkish daily newspaper, Milliyet reports. A secret investigation into detained Ergenekon group members and other studies outside Turkey indicate that Mossad orchestrated the coup plot against the Turkish government, the report says. The Ergenekon group is a Turkish neo-nationalist organization with alleged links to the military, members of which have been arrested on charges of plotting to foment unrest in the country. Investigators uncovered evidence that show a Jewish rabbi named Tuncay Guney, who worked for Mossad and fled to Canada in 2004, was a key figure behind attempts to overthrow the Turkish government.

icelanders protest economic meltdown
icelanders protest economic meltdownfrom iht: Thousands of Icelanders marked the 90th anniversary of their nation’s sovereignty with angry protest Monday, and several hundred stormed the central bank to demand the ouster of bankers they blame for the country’s spectacular economic meltdown. Tiny Iceland has seen its banks and currency collapse in just a few weeks while prices and unemployment soar – leaving a country regarded as a model of Scandinavian prosperity in a state of shock. “The government played roulette and the whole nation has lost,” writer Einar Mar Gudmundsson told a noisy but peaceful anti-government rally of several thousand people in downtown Reykjavik.

crisis-torn canada suspends parliament
from afp: Canada’s crisis-torn parliament was suspended Thursday in a move which helped Prime Minister Stephen Harper block an opposition bid to topple his government and take over without fresh elections. Acting head of state, Governor General Michaelle Jean, agreed to Harper’s demand to suspend the two-week old assembly during two hours of crisis talks. “On my advice, the governor-general has agreed to prorogue parliament,” Harper said, after a week of turmoil when three opposition parties banded together to oust his new government. The Liberal opposition led by Stephane Dion has spearheaded the moves to topple the Conservative government, accusing Harper of failing to shore up the plunging economy in the Group of Eight nation. The opposition had scheduled a parliamentary vote of no-confidence on Monday, leaving Harper fighting for his survival just seven weeks after being re-elected at the head of a minority government in snap elections. But Harper vowed Thursday: “When parliament resumes on January 26, the first order of business will be the presentation of a federal budget.”

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