geopolitiks: one world, warnings & true intentions

one world government? globe may not be big enough*
one world government? globe may not be big enoughgerman chancellor angela merkel calls for a ‘new global order’*
uk judges no longer have to declare freemasonry*

no one wants to talk about cia briefings on karzai’s brother*
iarael warns they’re ready to roll against iran*
US senators act to force recognition of jerusalem as capital*
‘watertight services’: why ugandans want to work in iraq*
white powder sent to foreign missions in ny harmless*
yemen rebels say saudi jets using phosphorus bombs*
massive blackout leaves brazil on edge*
official US air force document reveals true intentions behind the US/colombia military agreement: ‘an opportunity for conducting full spectrum operations throughout south america’*
mexico group wants united nations peacekeepers in juarez*
trillion dollar ad campaign: billboards for ‘zimbabwean newspaper’ made entirely of worthless zimbabwean bank notes*

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