geopolitiks: proxy wars, rifts & runoff selections

US attacks iran via cia-funded jundullah terror group*
video update: webster tarpley on the al-ciada terror nexus*

eyeing iran: juniper cobra5 revolutionary guard commanders killed in iran bomb*
US denies involvement in iran suicide attack*
iran vows revenge after claiming bomb attack was carried out by uk*
USrael launch largest ever war game*
eyeing iran: juniper cobra*
turkey ‘set to sue’ israel as rift deepens*
israel wants law of war changed*
video: protesters hijack olmert speech as un body endorses war crimes report*
video: tony blair heckled – ‘you are a terrorist’*
russia ready to abandon dollar in oil, gas trade with china*
live from honduras: an interview with berta caceres*
pakistani brigadier assassinated in the capital*
angry protestors set fires on the champs-elysees*
the power in 11/9*
video: karzai agrees to afghan presidential runoff*

10/22 updates:
mystery over uk nuclear expert’s death plunge at un hq in austria
from A British nuclear expert has plunged to his death from the 17th floor of a United Nations HQ, just as top-level talks with Iran began. The 47-year-old official, only identified so far as Timothy H, toppled about 120ft from the UN’s building in the Austrian capital yesterday. He is believed to have been a member of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation and was due to take part in the UN-Iran discussions starting today. Police revealed no further details, beyond saying an autopsy would be held. Reports suggest no suicide note had been found.

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