germany’s attack on scientology

germany's attack on scientologyfrom press tv: German top security official, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has accused the US-based creed of Scientology of being anti-democratic.

DPA reported Sunday that Schaeuble had agreed to step up police surveillance of the Scientology organization, which is recognized in several other countries as a church.

In an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag, Schaeuble said it was important to educate the public about Scientology.

But he rejected civil-liberties concerns about the surveillance.

Scientology is working on obtaining political power and influence in Germany,” he said, charging that the group was hostile to constitutional principles.

“They want to deactivate essential basic and human rights such as human dignity and the right to equal treatment,” he said of the group, which is estimated to have 6,000 German members.

The creed was established by a US science-fiction writer, the late L Ron Hubbard.

The United States has repeatedly criticized Germany over the surveillance, saying it breaches freedom of religion.

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