Get Ready for Digital False Flag Attacks

Get Ready for Digital False Flag AttacksIs the new Cybercommand policy to open the public’s eyes? Or, is the only open eye at the top of the pyramid? Are you beginning to feel like an abused b-slapped spouse? You should! Rob Kall at OEN writes definitive article, “Get Ready for Digital False Flag Attacks,” about Pentagon’s move to codify cyberwar with “equivalence” policy. “If a cyber attack produces the death, damage, destruction or high-level disruption that a traditional military attack would cause, then it would be a candidate for a “use of force” consideration, which could merit retaliation.” It’s simply an eye for an eye. The United States will be allowed by policy to retaliate with military force if a Stuxnet-like virus turned off, say, nuclear plant vents and caused a F**USHIMA here!.

Do you believe hundreds of Cybercommand desktop warriors make you safer? An imagination can run wild. An old GE nuclear plant suffers a core meltdown due to stuck or damaged valves which fail to vent as a result of destructive commands from a Stuxnet virus! You wonder if older plants are more vulnerable and reason Germany closed their oldest reactors? Within a day if not hours, the enemy gets identified as Pakistan and yet another military operation organized to get the evil-doers! It’s just one possible scenario but the potential is there for another public sacrifice on the path to another war! Does it sound familiar?

The thin cover provided by lame politically-inspired false flag events are the b-slap across your face as the perps hiss, “what ya’ gonna do ’bout it?” What are we going to do about it?

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