giuliani collapses at freefall speed into his own footprint

giuliani’s final act is tragic collapse
giuliani's final act is tragic collapsefrom ny daily news: For Rudy Giuliani, it was a death as dramatic and self-inflicted as Verdi’s “Otello,” his favorite Italian opera, in which the beaten general plunges a dagger into his own heart at the end… “You don’t always win, but you should always try to do it right and we did,” he told his supporters – one of whom shouted out, “Don’t be sorry!” But it wasn’t supposed to be this way. His dramatic fall – from the pedestal afforded America’s Mayor, basking in the glow of his 9/11 celebrity, to the shadows of presidential has-been – came quickly.

giuliani to quit, will back mccain
from monsters & critics: Former mayor of New York and presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is set to quit the race for the Republican nomination and endorse John McCain, press reports say. Meanwhile Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut has said he will not consider running as Mr McCain’s running mate.

giuliani has all but disappeared
from toronto star: Today, Rudolph Giuliani is yesterday’s news. Both for what didn’t happen and what did. “America’s Mayor,” a designation he’s exploited since 9/11, is now po-faced as a pol, the victim of hubris and ruinous strategy, obsolete as presidential supplicant.

hey paul folks, giuliani pays tribute to your guy
from los angeles times: But Tuesday night as he was preparing to bow out, as first reported on the Ticket Monday noon, Giuliani gave a gracious concession speech in which he listed all of his Republican competitors and called them good men. He added Ron Paul on the end, smiling, and said after all the debates he’d go back to his hotel room and watch television and how every time, according to the texted tallies, Ron Paul won all the debates, much, he did not say, thanks to the determined voting of his many busy-fingered followers. “Ron Paul won every debate!” Giuliani said.

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