giuliani slammed by fdny for ‘lack of respect’

giuliani slammed by fdny for 'lack of respect'from raw story: A recently revealed letter drafted by a group of New York City firefighters slams Rudy Giuliani for “a disgraceful lack of respect.” The letter, reported yesterday at Roll Call pointed to growing “enmity” between the presidential hopeful and former New York City mayor and the heroes of 9/11 who have played such an important part in his legacy.

Josh Kurtz today revealed a a letter drafted, but never sent, by four New York City firefighters and the President of the International Association of Fire Fighters, Harold Schaitberger. The group is hosting a presidential candidates’ forum and almost declined to invite Giuliani, who appears to have decided not to attend.

According to Kurtz, the letter said the former mayor had a “disgraceful lack of respect” for the New York firefighters who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. They particularly assailed Giuliani for deciding to “scoop and dump” debris from the World Trade Center towers, moving it to a landfill.

“Mayor Giuliani’s actions meant that firefighters and citizens who perished would either remain buried at Ground Zero forever, with no closure for families, or be removed like garbage and deposited at the Fresh Kills Landfill,” Kurtz quotes the letter as saying.

The full Roll Call article can be accessed by subscribers at the paper’s website.

The full draft letter to Giuliani, obtained by Fox News, is provided here.

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