Global Epidemic Exposed: Television Sigil Magik

Television can induce trance state and reason content labeled programming.  John and Bonnie Mitchell of awakenvideo.org expose threat in "Global Epidemic Exposed: Television Sigil Magik." Sigils used in Magik, a mind manipulation that dates from antiquity and simply updated for electronic forum:  televison.  Bonnie observes well-known phenomenon that brain goes into alpha state in under a minute of television-viewing.  It's not entertainment it's brain entrainment!  John decodes embedded intricate mnemonic circles on television, suggesting a form of mind control called spin-programming.   Spin Programming:  A Newly Uncovered Technique of Systematic Mind Control by John Lovern, is a professional paper on mind control technique, referenced in video.  The Mitchells make observation that television used to keep people in low state of consciousness.  It's something to think about - if you can - still think!  You can hear more from the Mitchells on recent OffPlanet Radio interview: hour1 hour2.

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 29, 2022 ♬