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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Learning Outside, Community BBQ, Just Don’t Look (Audio)

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20160718_GoodNewsNextWeek027-videoThis week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Learning outside is the gift that keeps on giving; suppose they gave a protest and no one came because they were barbecuing; and how to not give criminals what they want.


Outdoor Learning Boosts Children's Development

Kids In 50 Cities Getting Outside As Part Of Federal Initiative

Flashback: Police in Thailand Lay Down Weapons and Join Protestors (Dec. 3, 2013)

Instead of a Second Black Lives Matter Protest, They Joined Police For a Barbecue

Hero NZ Kebab Shop Owner Ignores Robber

Model-Turned-Activist Grows 500 Plants In Her NYC Apartment

"YouTubers" Shunning And Outshining Old-School Television

Danish Town Found A Solution To Terrorism

US Overseas Military Bases Losing Local Support

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