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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Drumming Out Depression, Creative Sarcasm, Nature Therapy (Audio)

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20160912_goodnewsnextweek032-videoThis week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Hippie drums circles can help cure depression? Making jokes might be making you more creative? And just seeing pretty stuff feels good? Seriously.


Drum Circles Can Cure Depression

Sarcasm Can Enhance Your Creativity

Seeing Beautiful Things Has Therapeutic Benefits

Lisbon Library Droplifts Thousands Of Books Throughout Town

Oregon County Reviving Citizens' Advisory Panel For Cops

Old Japanese Gas Stations Being Converted Into Ramen Joints

Most Of World's Humpback Whale Populations No Longer Endangered

Scotland Becomes First UK Country To Ban Wild Animals In Circuses

Giant Pandas Taken Off Global Endangered List As Population Rebounds

Thanks to Tyler & Renee of Boom! Percussion Entertainment

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