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#GoodNewsNextWeek: And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ (Video)

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This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: America's Next Top President makes his first few moves; pushing back against our new tech overlords; and making music again at an historic vinyl pressing plant.


President Trump signs executive order withdrawing U.S. from Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP

Trump Sets 5-Year and Lifetime Lobbying Ban for Officials

FriendFace CEO, facing wave of criticism, stops attempt to force Hawaii land sale

Colorado using $3 million from marijuana tax to provide food and housing for the homeless

75% off the video budget, all the money saved will be going to @crisis_uk πŸ‘

Tens of Thousands of Drug Convictions to be Overturned After State Caught Falsifying Lab Tests

Whistleblower wins 13 year campaign against #HSBC

New #vinyl plant opens in historic Miami location πŸŽΆπŸ’°

Hedgehoppers Anonymous - "It's Good News Week"

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