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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Open-Source Textbooks Cut College Costs

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This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Some genius created a P2P medicine site; Colleges are trying to reign in costs by going with open-source textbooks; and a library of tools just got a lot bigger.


West Virginia Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Law

Got Weed? In Dallas, It Might Not Land You In Jail Anymore

Some Genius Created A Website Where People Can Buy & Sell Medicine, Peer-To-Peer

New Window Screens Filter Pollution from Air

This New Solar-Powered Device Can Pull Water Straight From Desert Air

Utah Legalizes Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses Run by Kids

States Moving To Cut College Costs By Introducing Open-Source Textbooks

Craftsman Donates His Tools - And Himself

Researchers Name Loud Shrimp After Pink Floyd

Mastodon.Social, A New, Open-Source, Federated Social Network That Works With GNU Social

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