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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Shadow Econ, Pre-Crime Cancel, Hemp Victory (Audio)

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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Shadow Econ, Pre-Crime Cancel, Hemp Victory (Audio)This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: The shadow economy keeps crime down; Pushing back on the police state in the Big Easy; And after 80 years, US Congress critters work on undoing hemp prohibition.


Story #1: Shadow Economy Has (Positive, Yet) Hidden Impact On Crime

‘Revisiting the Relationship Between the Economy and Crime: The Role of the Shadow Economy’

Story #2: New Orleans Cancels Secret Pre-Crime Police Program After Media Exposure

Story #3: US Senate Votes to Legalize Hemp After 80 Years of Prohibition

Texas GOP Endorses Marijuana Decriminalization

Canada's House of Commons Votes to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

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