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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Bee Farms, Trash Wheels, Clean Records (Audio)

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#GoodNewsNextWeek: Bee Farms, Trash Wheels, Clean Records (Audio)This time on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Vacant lots in Detroit are becoming bee farms; "Mr. Trash Wheel" eats garbage from Baltimore Harbor; And ‘Clear My Record’ gets drug war convictions off background checks.

Story #1: Vacant Lots In Detroit Are Being Transformed Into Bee Farms

GNNW Flashback: Trading Coal Mines For Beehives (Oct. 30, 2017)

Atlanta Creates First Food Forest In Georgia, Largest In U.S.

Georgia Students Help Provide Food For Families In Need

Kroger Donates $500K Facility to Rival Store So Town Won’t Be Without Supermarket

Story #2: Mr. Trash Wheel Eats Garbage From Baltimore Harbor

Story #3: ‘Clear My Record’ Gets Drug War Convictions Off Background Checks

NOLA Man Faced Felony Pot Charge, Potential Jurors All Said No

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Bee Farms, Trash Wheels, Clean Records (Audio)