Gnosticism is Satan’s Tool

Gnosticism is Satan's Tool

Marcos from Brazil offers enlightened perspective on Gnosticism in article and podcast – good stuff!  A description of ancient philosophy in Makow article shows tradition goes beyond simple Christian heresy circa 200 AD: “Gnosticism doesn’t recognize sin or the need for salvation…it substitutes salvation with an awakening of spiritual powers and a transcendence from the material world that is an effort of the individual, helped by spirits. God is unknowable and silent… According to gnostics, all humans have a divine spark, an inner reflection of the Pleroma. Of course, some, like the Illuminati and the royal families have more, and we mere plebeians have less. We must bow down to them and their ‘spirituality’.” 

 “The mystical experience is thus a direct contact between the aeons and men’s inner spark. Sacred knowledge is achieved not by learning or verbal communication from God, but by seeking to experience spiritual contacts, feelings and ecstasy with what we know are demonic entities through trances and rituals…don’t believe in the concept of sin because their knowledge puts them above these restrictions. Some believe in the balance of evil and good, and that’s why the Illuminati can give millions to a hospital in the day following a human sacrifice ritual he attended.”  The divine spark resident in all of us, contact with aeons and sense of balance between good and evil – all seem critical to understanding gnostic views.

 Marcos goes on to summarize pantheon of world religions with simple but apt perspective. A longstanding United Religions Initiative (picture) cited in article as an “…NGO under the United Nations,” and likely how religions will be united: “It is easy to see how gnosticism will lead to the new world religion. It really doesn’t matter what your religion is, as long as you look for truth through mysticism. Of course, the only exception is true Christianity, the work of the demiurge to enslave us through the Bible.”

It’s made clear in article deity worshiped: “Lucifer or Sophia is the being they worship. Like Prometheus, he is the one who can bring the fire of knowledge to people and make them gods themselves, the original lie of the garden of Eden. Every Luciferian believes in this, and because in their view the aeons are superior to the demiurge, they think Lucifer is more powerful than the God of the Christians. Jesus, when invoked by them, is only another aeon or an ascended master, who can also help them against the restrictions imposed by Jehovah God.”

“Aeons are superior to the demiurge,” seems critical concept Marcos discusses that singles out Christianity! Marcos offers interesting perspective and podcast reflects his beliefs. Hats off to Marcos!

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