#GoodNewsNextWeek: 12 Agrihoods Taking Farm-to-table Living Mainstream

from shareable.net: Ever wish you could live at your CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)? Or move to a neighborhood where everyone is as excited about fresh, healthy food as you are?

All over the United States people are embracing local food production in an exciting new way. Called ‘agrihoods,’
this new type of neighborhood serves up farm-to-table living in a
cooperative environment.
Instead of being built around a pool or tennis
court, these housing developments are centered around a farm, often
using the sweat-equity of residents to create a sustainable food system
for the entire community.
Of course, community gardens, urban agriculture, and cohousing
communities are nothing new. But as the rapidly growing crop of
agrihoods demonstrates, families are eager to reimagine these
collaborative efforts in a new setting–often at the same or lower
prices than a traditional suburban neighborhood.
Although the term is freshly minted, agrihoods are already popping up all over the United States.  

We’ve rounded up a dozen established or
planned communities so you can learn more about how this trend
encourages sharing, collaboration, and a healthier, more
environmentally-friendly diet.


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