#Google’s robots and creeping militarization

from dailycaller.com: Google CEO Larry Page has rapidly positioned Google to become an indispensable U.S. military contractor.

Google recently purchased Boston Dynamics, a robotics pioneer that produces amazing humanoid robots for the U.S. Defense Department.

This development invites attention to Google’s broader military
contracting ambitions
— especially since Boston Dynamics is the eighth
robotics company that Google has bought in the last six months.

Just like drones are the future of air warfare, humanoid robots and
self-driving vehicles will be the future of ground warfare according to
U.S. defense plans.

There are many other reasons why the U.S. military is on path to
become Google’s single largest customer.
Likewise these reasons indicate
Google has a closer working relationship with the NSA than it
acknowledges publicly.

First, consider the military value of Google’s research and
development efforts and the military contracting pipeline revenue it
could represent. 
Page created Google X,
which is Google’s secretive research and development lab tasked with
pursuing “moon-shot” technology breakthroughs. So far, Google X is best
known for its earth-bound self-driving cars and Google Glass.

Tellingly, the purpose of the original “moon-shots” by the Soviet
Union and America was military. The two Cold War superpowers were in a
“space race” to publicly showcase the technological and military
supremacy of their rival ideologies.

Simply, America’s Cold War “moon-shot” was about winning the military space and arms race with the former Soviet Union.

Even more tellingly, the greatest application for most all of Google
X’s “moon-shot” technological efforts — are military. Like drones,
self-driving vehicles, and robot soldiers could enhance military
surveillance and payload delivery while reducing risks to military

Google Glass’ advances in wearable augmented reality could offer
American soldiers tactical advantages over enemy combatants. Google’s
Project Loon could quickly provide a supplemental battlefield bandwidth
advantage in remote areas.

Second, Google’s personnel hiring signals its aspirations for a closer Google-military relationship.
In 2012, Google hired
Regina Dugan, the head of DOD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency (DARPA), DOD’s in-house “moon-shot” idea factory. At the time a
Google spokesperson said: “Regina is a technical pioneer who brought the
future of technology to the military during her time at DARPA.  She
will be a real asset to Google.”

Simply, few people could have a better insider knowledge of the U.S.
military’s future technology needs that Google could exploit than Ms.

Third, Google has a long history of working for, and with, the NSA and the other U.S. intelligence services.

In 2004, Google purchased satellite mapping company Keyhole, which was strategically important enough to be funded by the CIA’s investment fund In-Q-Tel.

Google turned the aptly-named “Keyhole” surveillance capability into the wildly popular Google Earth and Google Maps service used by over a billion people and over one million websites.

In 2008, the San Francisco Chronicle reported
that U.S. spy agencies use “Google equipment as the backbone of
Intellipedia, a network aimed at helping agents share intelligence.” The
article also reported that Google had a support contract with the NSA.

In 2010, the Washington Post reported that Google worked with the NSA to figure out how Chinese hackers broke into Google. The New York Times later reported that those Chinese hackers stole Google’s entire password system called Gaia.

Fourth, Google has too many unique capabilities and metadata sets
that are of strategic value to the NSA to believe Google’s denials that
it does not work closely with the NSA.

Snowden’s NSA revelations have underscored the high value the NSA
puts on collecting the metadata of who is communicating with whom, when,
where, and how much.

Remember Google is metadata central. It is veritable surveillance catnip for the NSA.

Think about it. Google’s cookies track the Internet behavior of
nearly 2 billion people. Over a billion people regularly use Google
Search, Maps, Android, and YouTube. And about a half billion people use
Gmail and Google + social media.

Former NSA Director Michael Hayden has said “Gmail is the preferred Internet service provider of terrorists worldwide.”

Thus Google has the unique capability
to surveil for the NSA the online behavior of a targeted group of
people by country, language, interests, keywords, names, communications,
physical location, movements, time and more.

Simply put, Google’s world’s largest computer already can do what the NSA wants to do most.
Add to all this Google’s unique capability to instantaneously translate 80 different languages across applications, and why wouldn’t the NSA covet a close working relationship with Google?

Finally, the behavior of America’s greatest military rivals, Russia
and China, speaks volumes about the likely extent of unreported close
cooperation between Google and NSA/DOD.

Remember it was the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
that invented the Internet in the early ‘70s. It is no coincidence that
Russia and China have been the most hostile to allowing Google’s
Internet dominance to extend into their countries.

In summation, the accumulating evidence indicates that the U.S. military is on path to become Google’s single largest customer.

Page’s strategic positioning of Google’s biggest investments to
strongly align with future U.S. military needs is no coincidence. It is
likely tacit confirmation of a much stronger relationship than Google
has acknowledged to date.

Page’s creeping militarization of Google will increasingly become
problematic for the privacy of Google’s foreign users, which generate
over half of Google’s revenues. While U.S. law purportedly prevents the
NSA from surveilling Americans without a warrant, the NSA’s official
mandate is to surveil foreign signals intelligence.

In short, Google’s creeping militarization means Big Brother Inc. aspires to work more closely with Big Brother government.

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