the government is trying to wrap its mind around yours

the government is trying to wrap its mind around yoursfrom washington post: Imagine a world of streets lined with video cameras that alert authorities to any suspicious activity. A world where police officers can read the minds of potential criminals and arrest them before they commit any crimes. A world in which a suspect who lies under questioning gets nabbed immediately because his brain has given him away…

Consider Cernium Corp.’s “Perceptrak” video surveillance and monitoring system, recently installed by Johns Hopkins University, among others. This technology grew out of a project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – the central research and development organization for the Department of Defense – to develop intelligent video analytics systems. Unlike simple video cameras monitored by security guards, Perceptrak Perceptrak Brochure (1.43mb PDF) integrates video cameras with an intelligent computer video. It uses algorithms to analyze streaming video and detect suspicious activities, such as people loitering in a secure area, a group converging or someone leaving a package unattended. Since installing Perceptrak, Johns Hopkins has reported a 25 percent reduction in crime.

But that’s only the beginning.

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  1. Swordsmen Of Allah Avatar

    Excellent blog thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. The UK has the highest amount of CCTV in Europe if not the world. Furthermore control orders are now law where the due process of law has been eradicated – innocent until proven guilty and beyond reasonable doubt has vanished.

    Now you are prosecuted for a crime in the future…represented by a state appointed lawyer who you don’t know and don’t meet. This is a fact. Minority Report is now a reality not just a film staring that Scientology midget Tom Cruise.

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