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Great Springtime Storm of Saturn

Brigette Hesman, who studies Saturn storms at the University of Maryland, recaps the "Great Springtime Storm" of Saturn as some call it in video (left). Wired.com provides rest of the story:  "This global storm was the largest recorded tempest since 1903 and grew
so large that the storm head traveled all the way around the planet and
encountered its own tail. After the most visible effects subsided,
scientists considered the storm over. But since May 2011, researchers have been watching two warm spots in Saturn’s clouds using NASA’s Cassini spacecraft
and several Earth-based telescopes. Such spots appear periodically and
were expected to cool down after a month. Instead, the hotspots merged
and produced a colossal cyclone, briefly exceeding even Jupiter’s famous
Great Red Spot in size and brightness...The bright beacon is now expected to slowly fade away and be gone by 2013..."

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