Greystone Denies Its ‘Mercenaries’ Are In Ukraine

from The Russian government today claimed there are more than 100 American “mercenaries” from a defense contracting company disguised as Ukrainian troops in the embattled former Soviet nation, a claim the American firm and top U.S. officials deny. The Russian Foreign Ministry made the allegation in a statement today that accused Ukrainian military forces of working with “illegal armed militias” and others, saying the ministry is “especially concernedabout the involvement of 150 American mercenaries from the private company Greystone Ltd., a former affiliate of Blackwater. A woman who answered a call for comment from ABC News today at Greystone denied that the company was involved, saying, “We do not have anyone deployed in Ukraine.” Later, the company told other news outlets they had no comment on the Russian allegations. White House spokesperson Jay Carney told reporters the claim “seems bogus to us” and Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, called it “rubbish.”

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