ground zero: disclosure 33

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ground zero: disclosure 33from clyde lewis: I think we are beginning to see some interesting activity. That is, If you put any stock in numerological magic.

It appears that something from space is coming at us and it is making a big noise. No government disclosure is going to have to tell you what you already know.

I know it seems to be too good to be true but it seems like something major is about to go down. If we desire it, it can only appear out of nowhere with no explanation. You will observe it and apply your own set of core beliefs to it.

The faces of horror, the environmental collapse, the loss of life, and those we can pin the blame on, all evidence that our planet is slowly but surely starting to deteriorate.

This is our new evolution the refiner’s fire that shapes us into becoming components of God ourselves. That is if we choose to learn from the dark futures they are programming us to approximate.

As above so below.

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3/18 updates:
huge comet & 2 asteroids hit the sun*
coronal mass ejection to hit earth mar16/17?*

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