Ground Zero: Necro-Nuptials, Birther Boogie & More

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Ground Zero: Necro-Nuptials, Birther Boogie & MoreNecro-nuptials: Myth of virgin queen/corpse bride embedded in royal wedding of Will & Kate*

Updates: Birther’s butt boogie*
Deadly Gyre: The electric vortex anomaly*
You wouldn’t believe me, even if I said so*
King in Satan’s service*
Good Friday Bonus: Jesus appears on Portland woman’s TV*

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3 responses to “Ground Zero: Necro-Nuptials, Birther Boogie & More”

  1. Mouser Avatar

    The key domino in getting the world to accept a global fractional reserve currency is China.

    Don't misunderstand, global currency is 100% suicide and will lead to an effective one world government by the oligarch banking families.

    The private central bank in China is rumored to be 50/50 rather than 100% Rothschild owned as it is in the other 192 of 197 countries. Therefore, it is slighly harder to implement the private fractional reserve global currency in China than elsewhere in the Rothschild empire, excluding Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba.

    George Soros (Swartz) has the job of selling the Evelyn Rothschild (Bauer) plan for defacto global autocracy as instead being the salvation of the economic crisis.

    event – reaction – solution

    debt suffocation – fear of devaluation – global fractional reserve currency (world government)

    Once the China domino falls, the door will be wide open to implement a private global currency in 193 countries. It will be touted as "gold backed" instead of "fiat", but actually will only be fractionally gold backed at less than 1:100.

    More importantly it will be a private currency – meaning that Rothschild and the oligarch banking families will be able to create money autocratically with out input from the people of the world who use it.

    This 'gold backed', fractional reserve, private global currency will be lent out to governments and individuals with usury. Thus ensuring literal debt slavery from cradle to grave for individuals and countries.

    As the life blood of any society, Rothschild will hold everyone and every country in the palm of his hand. And once implemented, anyone who dares to oppose him can be taken off the grid with the flick of a key stroke.

    Worse than heroin. As bad as cancer. Manifest dictatorship disguised as "economic freedom". Orwellian doublespeak – 100%.

    Don't do it, ever.

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