Ground Zero: Killuminati, Hierophants & Blueprints

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Ground Zero: Killuminati, Hierophants & BlueprintsKilluminati: The End of the Sparkle*
The Hierophant Man*
Apocalyptic Blueprint*
M.I.B. 97239*

Black Boxes, Hats and Houston

3 responses to “Ground Zero: Killuminati, Hierophants & Blueprints”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Does this Clyde character have an infatuation with death and evil? Makes me wonder what goes on
    when the mic and cameras are off.

    Manifesting such things all the time like he does…pretty soon it will all come back to haunt him it has done before in the past.

    Learning the hard lessons usually only takes one time.

    Do we need a reminder of the DJINN curse and what that caused to a lot of people..including Clyde?!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I guess you have him pegged. He is a devil worshiping sinner who has been known to kneel down and pray to images of Betty White. He has been known to manifest the occasional Cheeseburger and can change beer into urine.. Do we need to get a life and not live through Clyde Lewis and worry about what he does in his jammies after he signs off the air? You are really sad!

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