Group to Burn 9/11 Commission Report At Anniversary Gathering

Update: Thanks to everyone that came out & made this event a success – and thanks to Infowars, Truth Excavator & Freedom’s Phoenix for spreading the word!

Group to Burn 9/11 Commission Report At Anniversary GatheringPortland, OR, September 11th, 2010: Independent journalist/talk show host James Evan Pilato and national talk show host Clyde Lewis will appear together at the True Brew Coffee House, 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave. near Powell for a peaceful gathering on the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. During the gathering there will be public speakers and guests talking about 9/11 and what is being done to constructively heal after this devastating moment in history. James Evan Pilato, an independent journalist from and the world-renowned will team up with national talk show host Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Radio to burn copies of the 9/11 Commission report at 1:00 PM.

This is in protest of the “International Burn the Quran Day” proposed by the Dove World Outreach Center and the Westboro Baptist Church. Pilato in a statement said “If you want to find a book of lies and half truths you don’t need to look any further than the slap shot 9/11 report.” Clyde Lewis concurs by stating “The 9/11 report has been held as the definitive account of what happened on September 11th, however many respected senior members of the military, intelligence services and government have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report and it has generated more hate and misunderstanding than the Quran or any other religious book.” The book burning will take place after the festivities and will be used to urge the public to demand the truth about the attacks and the prolonged war that followed. We urge the media to attend this event.

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  1. N8 Avatar

    Hi James, great meeting you at the 9/11 omission ignition! I was so impressed with how you were able to present clear points when you were interviewed on the spot, and especially how you recovered from hostilities being shouted back and forth around you. You also revealed yourself as someone who very much respects and appreciates that the message is more important than the messenger. Reiterating that burning the 9/11 report, like burning holy books, was a silly stunt aimed at generating media coverage really raised your credibility. However, hyping the burning of a Quran only polarizes people, where hyping the burning of the (blatent whitewash that is the) 9/11 report aims to ignite interest, and unite all creeds (anti-war, anti-torture, state's rights, human, civil, privacy rights, etc.) Because just like you said, 9/11 is the blank check that made all those infringements possible. Whether they realize it or not, everyone has some stake in the simple, unwavering pursuit of truth, justice, and the heads of those responsible for not only killing americans, but using those murders as a pretext to profit from killing hundreds of thousands more abroad.

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