Gulf Oil Updates: The Poison Is Still Spilling

Spill hits Freemason Island as BP preps to lower giant funnel*
Another meme from the strangely predictive Simpsons movie*
Video: SWAT team response to oil spill as govt takeover plot*
10 animals most threatened by spill*
Interior Dept gave Deepwater Horizon operators Safety Award in ’09*
Gulf Oil Spill: the Halliburton connection*
Surprise! Obama was top recipient of BP’s donations*
Chemicals used to contain oil spill could harm marine life*
Why did leaking oil rig lack safety switch used in other countries?*
US exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study*
US not accepting foreign help on oil spill*
Will the Gulf of Mexico oil spill be an economic disaster that the Gulf Coast will never recover from?*
Video: About the big spill*
Leaking oil well lacked safeguard device*
Rumors of blackout over North Korean torpedoing of Gulf oil rig*
Why do so many bad things keep happening to US?*
Oil spill: here’s the inside scoop*
Was the Gulf Oil Spill an act of war? You betcha*
Halliburton may be culprit in oil rig explosion*
Was Rush right about a BP/Horizon terror attack?*

Flashback: Let the poison spill

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