gundersen: water intake bldg most critical at ft calhoun plant

Arnie Gundersen raises awareness of nuclear plant operations, single-handedly, with his online videos. Gundersen points out in a WBAI interview a small water intake building with primary role in keeping nuclear materials cool, may be most critical factor at Fort Calhoun? Nuclear materials must be kept cool at all times and reality not lost on this nuclear industry executive. The importance of outside observations cannot be understated with nuclear energy. Tom Burnett, another expert, observes most recent pictures of Fort Calhoun disappear off the net, an indication of efforts to withhold information from the public. The pictures of Fort Calhoun nuclear plant pumping water like a shipping ship, are not comforting. You must also wonder about the burst aqua berm over the weekend? Was it a nefarious act or another in an endless stream of supposed mishaps or incompetence? The present writer doesn’t buy it’s always an innocent mistake!

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