henry rollins ‘tees off’ on halliburton-style privatization

from raw story: Punk singer-songwriter Henry Rollins took on Iraq War profiteers on his Independent Film Channel show this Saturday.

“The invasion and occupation of Iraq and the resulting nightmare we are enduring are for some a depressing, ongoing catastrophe with no end in sight,” he said.

“Yet for another group, it is the best thing that could ever happen. … The corporations that provide services to the military are making more money in this time than ever before. Troop withdrawal is not in their interest.”

“Why not bring that overpriced roadshow here to America and treat the citizens to a little of that privatized efficiency?” Rollins went on.

“I’m sure KBR knows what to do with my freedom a lot better than I do. Might as well privatize that, too. Keep it up, Cheney. All you’re doing is emboldening me.”

The following video is from IFC’s Henry Rollins Show, broadcast on June 15.

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    Henry has the best talk show on TV.

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    Huzzah for uncle henry!

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