hg wells: submit yourself to world government or else

hg wells: the new world orderfrom old-thinker news: H.G. Wells is perhaps best known for his status as the father of science fiction and his “War of the Worlds“, which was recently transformed into a modern Hollywood production. Unknown to many, Wells penned several other books and essays which were not of the science fiction genre. The “New World Order“, and the “Open Conspiracy” are two notable pieces that Wells produced.

hg wells: the open conspiracyWells wrote the first edition of “The Open Conspiracy” in 1928. This book details what Wells called the “Open Conspiracy” among intellectual elites who despise the old order of things and desire to work towards a grand world directorate, a global society in which individuals no longer hold fast to tradition, but yield themselves willingly to the world state for the good of all. The Open Conspiracy utilizes propaganda, educational and governmental reform, and other forms of influence to achieve its goals. The scientific management of the world is at the heart of the open conspirators agenda. Of course, this tight management is sold as being for the benefit of all.

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