Higgs Particle = ‘The Face Of Creation’

Thanks goes to Universe Today for link to campy Higgs 90 second remix: “The Face Of Creation.” The Higgs boson and CERN particle accelerator have been newsmakers in past year and some still may wonder what it’s all about? PBS article provides nice non-tech explanation:

A Higgs particle is a highly unstable particle, visible only through its decay products. It has zero electric charge, and—unlike all other known elementary particles—no intrinsic rotation, or “spin.” These null properties reflect the fact that many Higgs particles, uniformly distributed through space, build up the Higgs condensate, which we sense as emptiness or pure vacuum. (Although individual Higgs particles are highly unstable, a uniform distribution of them is stabilized through their mutual interactions. Visible Higgs particles are disturbances above that uniform background.)”

You can view more Symphonies of Science Videos and also other productions by melodysheep. It’s a nice way to break into science that many may find otherwise dull.

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