Highly Anticipated Movie ‘Prometheus’ Opens June 8 In US

Highly Anticipated Movie 'Prometheus' Opens June 8 In US

3D film Prometheus will open in US theaters this Friday, June 8th, as director Ridley Scott returns to the Alien franchise universe, three decades later. “In 2089, archaeologist couple Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map among the remnants of several otherwise unconnected ancient cultures. They interpret this as an invitation from humanity’s forerunners. Peter Weyland, the elderly founder of the Weyland Corporation, funds the creation of the scientific vessel Prometheus to follow the map to the distant moon LV-223,” begins plot summary provided by Wikipedia. Where does this lead the crew of the Prometheus, apparently, to the heavy ontological question “whether God exists”?

The Daily Galaxy offers, in recent article, the big question movie asks and ponders implications: “Did aliens create the human race? If so, does that negate the existence of God? Or, did God create the aliens?” Prometheus planned as a prequel to Alien, originally, premiered in the UK on June 1st, but some found emphasis on the metaphysical left them wanting. The movie labeled, in turns, grandiose or just leaving a desire for more fighting and less philosophical musing! Peter Bradshaw at the Guardian makes a quip with comparison taken from his review:The original [movie Alien] took place in space, where no-one can hear you scream…in this film no-one can hear you scream above the deafening, kettle-drum bothering orchestral score.'”

There are, indeed, reservations about movie’s plot but virtually unanimous agreement about impressive production and onscreen visual feast.  The recommendation is to view Prometheus on largest screen possible. A promotional trailer below will give you a taste of eye candy that makes Prometheus irresistible to most science fiction aficionados!

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