Hillaray, RFK, What else do i have to say?

another blatant example of the assassination meme

hillary cites rfk assassination as reason to continue
from raw replay: Sen. Hillary Clinton, in defending her decision to continue running for the Democratic nomination that almost certainly will go to rival Sen. Barack Obama, reportedly invoked the shooting death of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

olbermann: clinton rfk remark ‘unforgivable’
from raw replay: An outraged Keith Olbermann directed blistering commentary at Hillary Clinton for referencing Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination while defending her decision to stay in the race. Hillary Clinton mentioned RFK’s assassination during an interview at Sioux Falls, S.D. Argus Leader. Clinton later expressed regret for the remarks.

the truth behind hillary’s faux pas:
crime families kill the competition
from kurt nimmo: Keith Olbermann, obvious Obama partisan, is shocked, just shocked Hillary Clinton would suggest “the inspirational leader” Obama might be assassinated, as RFK was assassinated before him, the Democrat nomination within his reach…

Here is the reality behind Clinton’s remark – political crime families, like Cosa Nostra crime families, on occasion kill the competition. RFK was not killed by a lone Sirhan Sirhan. Video and photographic evidence reveals that three senior CIA operatives were at the scene of Robert Kennedy’s assassination. “Three of these men have been positively identified as senior officers who worked together in 1963 at JMWAVE, the CIA’s Miami base for its Secret War on Castro,” the BBC reported in 2006. “I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard,” boasted David Morales, Chief of Operations.

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