hillary: nuking terrorist ‘safe havens’ a possibility

clinton promises ‘heavy retaliation’ for terrorist-harboring nations

from raw story: New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, finding herself in an unexpectedly close race with freshman Sen. Barack Obama, flexed her national security muscles in Saturday night’s Democratic debate, raising the possibility of loosing nuclear weapons on countries that harbor terrorists who plot a nuclear attack on the US.

Clinton, answering a hypothetical question about the possibility of a nuclear weapon being detonated in the US, said she would immediately target terrorist “safe havens.” The former First Lady warned “every state in the world must know we will retaliate,” and she invoked deterrence aimed at the Soviet Union during the Cold War – predicated on mutually assured destruction resulting from a US nuclear counter-strike – as a successful strategy for averting a nuclear catastrophe.

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  1. Bpaul Avatar

    For crissakes.

    All this saber-rattling makes me sick, STFU and get our own country in order would you, people?

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