Hologram Goggles on Drawing Board

Hologram Goggles on Drawing BoardNoah Schactman gets it right, “death-from-above-on-demand,” in Danger Room article, “Darpa’s Hologram Goggles Will Unleash Hell“. Chain of command can be a cumbersome and dangerous process in targeting and authorizing air strikes by drones. DARPA believes it has the answer, “…give a single guy on the ground a direct data link to the drone (or manned plane) circling above“.

Vuzix, an eyewear company, given a million dollars to develop a display where a computer tracks what the soldier, wearing the display, is viewing. The display built into sunglasses, will hopefully, couple a microdisplay with a glass optical waveguide. Light from the display travels down the glass and captured on holographic film then directed to the eye! If it works, it will be very small, 3mm thick. Vuzix executive Stephen Glaser notes, will “..allow us to design the display right into a pair of sunglasses, so no one will know you are even wearing a display”.

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