Holy tIHS

Holy tIHSThe Open Scroll Blog highlights Chris Constantine at planetxtube.com in its' The Sodomite Gateway series. Blog entry first reveals Satanic Symbolism in the Christian Church with an examination of Jesuit Christogram (picture) (also similar symbolism used by Rosicrucians).   IHS is Greek for Ihsous or Jesus, the Holy Name as written in the Bible. Bob Schlenker of The Open Scroll Blog describes what happens when turned upside down or "bottoms up": "The image you see here is the Jesuit's iconic symbol rotated 180 degrees. Spelling it out, t I H S is upside-down, S H I t. That's it! What else would we expect inside the sun god's rectum? So, there it is...HOLY tIHS! Really? That's just foul and offensive. This thing is an idol. Babylon imprints the unholy upon the holy and runs the counterfeiting scam..." Schlenker turns to another Constantine video, "BBC Witches Coven Exposed," who has accused the BBC Network for years of pedophilia. It's an eye-opening video, where no punches are pulled, Constantine repeating his accusation of torture, rape and murder of children at Alexandra Palace in North London. Constantine also describes pedophile grooming on BBC children's programs. Please drop below fold to take in explosive accusations that seem to be unfolding truth in the UK press!

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