how a troubled wv lawyer foisted a ‘teen anal nightmare’ on the nation

how a troubled wv lawyer foisted a 'teen anal nightmare' on the nation

from arstechnica: In September 2010, West Coast Productions—maker of such films as Teen Anal Nightmare 2 and Juicy White Anal Booty 4—paired up with West Virginia lawyer Ken Ford to file a set of mass lawsuits against online file-sharers. Ford was the brains behind the Adult Copyright Company, which promised to help the porn industry cash in on the epidemic of piracy. His business model involved suing thousands of people at once in "Doe" copyright infringement lawsuits, even though the defendants lived all over the country, the film producer was in California, and the court was in West Virginia. After filing suit, Ford would try to turn lists of IP addresses collected from BitTorrent into real names and addresses, then attempted to settle each case for a few thousand dollars each.

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