hundreds in portland protest the surge

hundreds in portland protest the surgefrom portland indymedia: A large crowd braved the cold and showed up at Pioneer Courthouse Square to protest Bush’s announced escalation of the Iraq war this evening. The crowd marched to the Oregonian newspaper’s office, chanting and taking over the street for a short time. In spite of delays, motorists showed great support to the protestors by honking and waving. This has not been the typical reaction of Portland drivers to such delays in the past. Perhaps this is reflective of a poll conducted showing that 89% of Americans oppose sending more troops to Iraq.

click here for more photos of the portland protestIt was also unusual to have no noticeable police presence at the event this evening; no storm troopers, no smell of pepper spray in the air, no violation of free speech rights. The demonstrators marched back to PCS, where singing, chanting, percussion music and general camaraderie took place.

click here for more photos & a 20 minute audio clip of some speeches before the march

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  1. Moriah Avatar

    Wow that’s really sad. Just goes to show how much our world has demoralized.

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