‘I Know What I Saw’ a top UFO documentary

'I Know What I Saw' a top UFO documentary

James Fox made a top flight UFO documentary for History Channel in 2010, I Know What I Saw,” (full movie linked). It’s a comprehensive treatment from first days to very crest of hysteria in 1952, resulting in largest press conference since WWII. The classic 1966 Michigan UFO sightings are covered that resulted in J Allen Hynek attempt to dismiss some sightings as ‘swamp gas’. The remarks by Hynek misrepresented in the press by leaving out qualifier (some), made national headlines to secure permanent place in popular culture.  The Rendlesham Forest 1980 Sightings get thorough treatment, and results, in communicating deep meaning events still holds in lives of its participants even today. 1997 Phoenix Lights and former governor Fife Symington play significant roles as well as coverage of 2007 UFO Conference at the National Press Club.

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