i survived comet elenin 2011

i survived comet elenin 2011Comet Elenin disappeared without a whimper from the media, when predictions about a Sept 26th alignment went unfulfilled! Was it strictly a disinfo campaign? Is the threat over? Where are the “I Survived Elenin 2011” t-shirts? Clyde Lewis writes an article, Elenin’s Requiem,” a title that may be a bit premature? Lewis points out Earth has yet to pass through Elenin’s tail in November and will be at closest approach on October 11th. Marshall Masters hosts a program on Elenin and the Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy, which helps explain some anomalies–such as discrepancies in Elenin’s reported size–with possible rational explanation. The video’s contributions such as dielectric properties of hydrogen cyanide, which Elenin is composed and what may happen to comets as they encounter solar system’s ecliptic, make it a worthwhile 40 minutes! The video makes clear with a FEMA-type danger meter there’s still concern in weeks ahead! Masters fascinated by Hopi Prophecies, examines the topic at length. It’s good stuff!

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