idle musings in a radioactive world

idle musings in a radioactive worldAn age of low-level persistent radiation is dawning. You may want to discern between millirems and millisieverts here? A familiarity with different measurements may mean survival in a brave new radioactive world? How did we arrive at this spot in an apparent netherworld? Are there minds that embrace low level radiation, as an immunotherapy of sorts, termed radiation hormesis?

A brief intro to Radiation Hormesis Theory is available online. The intro concludes with the notion of radiophobia due to the exaggeration of risks. This is the tenuous argument Ann Coulter attempted in her “radiation is good for you” spiel, a couple weeks ago. There are radium or radon health spas or you can visit Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine in Boulder, MT. There are believers in the stimulating effect to the body’s repair mechanisms by exposing themselves to low levels of radiation. I can’t but wonder if former Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff(pictured), subjects himself to Rapiscans to prove their safety? The Rapiscan machines (pictured) have made millions for the Chertoff Group. Is prolonged dissication perhaps a good state after all? Are you only radiophobic?

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