ike pappas, who broadcast oswald death, dead at 75

from ap: Ike Pappas, a longtime CBS newsman who reported the shooting death of presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on the radio as it was happening, has died at age 75. Pappas died Sunday in a hospital in Arlington, Virginia, of complications of heart disease, his family said.

Pappas was among the reporters at the Dallas police station waiting for Oswald to be moved two days after President Kennedy was assassinated. Pappas had just asked him, “You have anything to say in your defense?” when a shot rang out.

“Oswald has been shot!” Pappas said on the air, adding, “Mass confusion here, all the doors have been locked. Holy mackerel!”

Pappas was among more than 200 CBS News employees laid off by the company in 1987.

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