Illuminati and the Alien Brain

Stew Webb believes Illuminati unsuccessful in bid for human ritual sacrifice on the summer solstice. In Vinny Eastwood interview (left) and article, "The Alien Brain/ Illuminati Connection," Webb describes circumstances leading to Oklahoma arrest and thwarted child abduction:

"In the story linked above, Sammie Lamon Wallace was shot and killed while trying to kidnap a 2 year old in a Walmart. The entire event was caught on camera and even put on the local news before being censored nationally. Before he died, Sammie admitted to his involvement with the Illuminati and that he was kidnapping the kid for their sacrifice on June 21st of 2013! The FBI and local police searched his home and concluded that Sammie was in fact working with the Illuminati based on evidence they collected. During the local news broadcast, it was stated that the locale Police confirmed that the Illuminati was a known satanic cult! This amazing story never even appeared on the websites of the shills in the alternative media once again proving that they are in fact aiding the Illuminati through their censorship and gate keeping activities. During these Illuminati Council of 13 sacrifices, those involved kill a young child and drink the blood believing it gives them special powers. I have been told they do this child sacrifice during the summer and winter solstice to summon Lucifer who will only appear to the Illuminati Council if a child is sacrificed.

Webb believes, as a Christian, many of the Illuminati, e.g. Council of 13 members George H.W. Bush and Leonard Millman are demon possessed, they've surrendered their bodies to the Fallen Angels of the Bible:

"From what I’ve been able to gather so far, there are approximately 200,000 of these fallen angels on the planet walking around as humans. They take over humans in positions of great power within the Illuminati control system just like a demon possession but with a significant difference. When a Fallen Angel possesses a human, the human gets what is called the Alien Brain. Something happens to their brain and they get more than just the 5 senses. One thing I’ve learned is that the Alien Brain gives the human a much longer life than normal. This life can be as long as 150-200 years in some cases. I’m told that within 50 years, all human diseases will be eradicated by these Fallen Angels and they will extend their lives in the human bodies from 200-600 years."

Descriptions of demonic possession by Fallen Angels, confined to the mortal realm, seems too much for average person to accept! Webb believes Alien phenomenon actually represents demonic activity. Will there be a successful sacrifice on upcoming winter solstice? Let's hope, Webb, Federal whistleblower, has made it more difficult to practice hideous rituals!

#MorningMonarchy: December 8, 2022