Illuminati Book Authors Adair and Makow on Truth Jihad Radio

Book Authors Adair and Makow on Truth Jihad Radio

Kevin Barrett, Truth Jihad Radio host, interviewed authors Michael Adair and Henry Makow recently  about the Illuminati. Adair reveals attempt by the occultists to recruit him, but distanced himself once aware of Lucifer worship.  The experience resulted in book by Adair, Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati.” Makow reveals sharp insights into Illuminati public behavior and offers cynical assessment virtually all war is a put up charade!  Iran is suspected by Makow to be led by same dark occult forces that seek continual war, and simply stated, masterfully create and direct opposing foes – moves on a chessboard. Muslim Brotherhood is viewed as MI6 British Intelligence creation, according to Makow, remaining under their influence to this day.  These are outstanding interviews available at Truth Jihad radio:  here.  It’s essential Illuminati 101 and 102 surveys provided in one podcast, an easy way to find out who really runs our insane world!

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