‘Illuminati of Bavaria’

A fine 45 minute overview, Illuminati of Bavaria,” part 2 of 4 parts series, Secret Socities – The String Pullers,” fills in viewer on mysterious occult group founded May 1, 1776 in Munich, Germany by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt.   Notably, Illuminati, were created, within a Freemason lodge reports doc and introduced three membership levels based on strict Jesuit hierarchical structure.  The three levels were comprised of 13 degrees among those in each level were:  Level 1) Novices, Minervals, Illuminatus Minor,  2) Freemasonry, Illuminatus Major and 3) Mysteries, Lesser and Greater with King or Areopagite at the top.   Baron Adolph von Knigge played key role in expanding membership in early years, but parted ways with Weishaupt accusing founder of being a tyrant.  The Illuminati came to an end in Bavaria, when its ruler Karl Theodor banned secret societies and issued following edict. “A March 2, 1785 government edict ‘seems to have been deathblow to the Illuminati in Bavaria.’ Weishaupt had fled and documents and internal correspondences, seized in 1786 and 1787, were subsequently published by the government in 1787.  [Weishaupt’s closest confidant Franz Xavier] Von Zwack’s home was searched to disclose much of the group’s literature,” informs Wikipedia.  It’s an excellent Illuminati primer and great companion to prior post, Who Are The Illuminati?

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