improvised bomb hits times square

here we go, folks… it’s blond-hair blue-eyed homegrown terrorism & violent radicalization homeland stupidity fear-mongering terronoia time!

are we already seeing blowback from puppygate?

improvised bomb hits times square

improvised bomb hits times squarefrom danger room: “New York City police officers and firefighters cordoned off much of Times Square for more than two hours after a small explosion – set off, the authorities said, by an “improvised explosive device” – damaged the front of the Armed Forces Career Center on the traffic island bounded by 43rd and 44th Streets, Seventh Avenue and Broadway at 3:43 a.m., the Times is reporting. “No one was injured, and after a temporary interruption, subway service was restored.” … “The mention of a bicyclist raised possible links to a May 2005 bombing at the British Consulate and an Oct. 26 explosion at the Mexican Consulate,” the New York Daily News notes. “In both cases, police said, the suspect was possibly riding a bicycle when hollowed-out grenades – filled with black powder and a fuse – were tossed into the consulates. No arrests were made in those attacks.”

does new york have a serial bomber?
does new york have a serial bomber?from time: New York City’s Times Square – the pulsating heart of this teeming metropolis – was its usual, frenetic self Thursday morning, its scores of corporate billboards and animated displays shimmering brightly above the crush of people bustling to work. But something was amiss. Sections of the district were cordoned off with barricades and yellow tape; traffic was snarled, and police swarmed the area. For those unaware of what transpired here overnight, news crawls bellowed the troubling headlines: “TIMES SQUARE BOMBED.” Authorities are investigating whether the attack is linked to two previous bombings which bore eerie similarities.

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