Intel Hub Series On Underground Bases Concludes

The Intel Hub series on Underground Bases ended last week with conclusions by Richard Sauder from his book, Hidden In Plain Sight.” Sauder harbors suspicions more than anything, “…if the underground and underwater infrastructure of secret bases and tunnels has possibly grown so extensive, so sophisticated and so out-of-the-oversight of the constitutionally mandated political checks and balances prescribed by open, civil government, then it may be that the well-being of the American people, and perhaps many others as well, is profoundly threatened by a stealthy, massively funded, high-tech, underground and/or undersea power about which they remain blissfully unaware, the nefarious intentions and plans of which run directly counter to their best interests.” 

Sauder hints at sources for his suspicions: “time and again I have been approached by ex-military personnel, and, I believe, even active-duty military personnel in some cases…I believe it is because some people who are involved in the activities of the United States military see things that bother them, or perhaps are asked to carry out duties that trouble them. Some of these people then leak information to a researcher such as myself, in hopes that some of what they have seen, or have been asked to do, will trickle out into the public domain, for the greater edification of the general population.”

The present writer wants to thank Richard Sauder and The Intel Hub for making excerpts of book available. Is it too much to imagine Dick Cheney in his favorite underground crypt, following 9/11?  Sauder isn’t revealing everything and it’s disquieting to know an underground world is being kept from us! You’ve been warned!

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