Intel’s Kill Switch Could ‘End Computing As We Know It’

Intel Kill Switch Could End Computing Under Guise Of EMP Attack

Freelance Journalist Jim Stone makes observation about Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor. Stone suspects cell-linked remote kill switch built directly into the Sandy Bridge CPU, could be used to “end computing as we know it.” The freelance journalist supplies widely circulated belief, “the ‘elite’ intended computers to be a way to gain access to the most intricate information about people’s lives. They used popular bulletin boards such as America Online and Prodigy as spy machines, which worked well because they kept an identity of everyone who posted anything on them. The internet changed that. Because the internet was decentralized and allowed anonymity, it became a potent weapon in the hands of the people, and the elite are desperately seeking ways to shut it down...”

Everyone should note very real technology built into their computers. Stone makes quite plausible observation despite paranoid aura of a tinfoil hat:

“But what if such a shutdown could happen, with the blame directed away from those who caused it? Intel’s Sandy bridge technology, which allows remote shutdown of a CPU via the cellular phone network could be used to end computing as we know it if such technologies become widespread and a fake EMP disaster is created as an explanation for why all the computers died. Keep that old PC in the closet!”

It’s just something to stick in the back of your mind. The present writer believes it’s very much style of those who want to remain in power! Stone makes a comparison to the recent AMD A6 processor that may come in handy:

“The AMD processors also contain the cell link, but when attacked, don’t go down as easy. This is because the AMD A series uses a CPU die with 4 totally separate CPU cores, and the Sandy Bridge is a single core that emulates 4 cores. SO when attacked, the 4 discrete core setup from AMD remains more stable, and since it is very power efficient, it’s hard to damage. The AMD Cpu’s do not have the hardware kill, they use a bios rooted soft kill that pegs the CPU.”

Stone makes it clear, an AMD processor would have better chance in such a scenario… But, it’s purely tinfoil hat stuff, anyway! It couldn’t happen. Nah! Please move along – nothing to see here!

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