Internet Buzz: Doubts About DARPA Falcon HTV-2 Crash

Internet Buzz: Doubts About DARPA Falcon HTV-2 CrashDid the joint DARPA and US Air Force-backed  HTV-2 (HyperTechnologyVehicle-2), crash into the Pacific as widely reported? Brooks Agnew interviewed Kevin Smith on X-squared radio recently. Smith suggests only telemetry was lost after nine minutes, switching to a secure channel to send a message. The test flight demonstrates, in Smith’s opinion, a vehicle capable of Mach 20 (13,000 mph) or 3.5 to 4 miles per second, which implies an ability to strike anywhere on Earth in about an hour! DARPA shut down the show once sufficient global strike capacity was demonstrated to the world, according to Smith. The host of the Kevin Smith Show believes the hypersonic plane is capable of much higher speeds! Alex Jones suggests during a recent interview with Bob Bowman, the HTV-2 is reported lost to make opportunities for launches. Jones sees a possible deception to allow placing more weapons platforms into space. Jones points out “reported top speed” is not necessarily real speed!

Freeman interviews Carolyn Rose Goyda, a former McDonnell Douglas employee, who also harbors doubts about HTV-2 test flight and problems. The computer scientist and engineer states, from experience, hypersonic flight shouldn’t be a technical challenge. Goyda sees only reason for flights, she could think of, would be to test new composites? One oddity, Goyda finds strange, is announcement of launch through Twitter! “DARPA doesn’t do that!” Is it feigned ineptitude to provide cover for ruthless war preparation?

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